Sri Lanka – Visit village at Sigiriya

Transport between Anaradhapura and Sigiriya

Village visit at Sigiriya. Between Anaradhapura and Sigiriya we drove by bus, and along the way we were driving with oxcarts, sailing a lake, visiting a village and visiting a wood carving workshop.

But before we left we had this view from our hotel room:







More monkeys
More monkeys





Driving with oxcarts

We were four people in each oxcart, and the local villager seemed obvious that it was fun to leave me to control this beef (in a long rope). I could only get it to go straight out and stop (by tearing a little hard in the rope), but I did not find out how to turn. It did not work to shout WHOA! 🙂

But luckily there was a local man next to.







Boat trip on a lake

After that, we got a nice boat trip on a lake where there were beautiful flowers and many birds.














Village visit at Sigiriya

In a small village – who appeared to have occurred in honor of the tourists – you could see how to make the roof of a building of palm leaves.

The roof is made of palm leaves. Village visit at Sigiriya
The roof is made of palm leaves






The roof will be pretty nice. Village visit at Sigiriya
The roof will be pretty nice









Then the local showed how  to prepare a vegetarian dish with eggplant (Aubergine), onions, lots of hot spices. It was cut on a large knife that you had to be trained to use. Court was cooked at high heat on a fire stove.

We were then served lunch, which consisted of the various local dishes. It was served in a “plate”, which consisted of a basket of palm leaves, and it had to be eaten with your fingers!

Lunch Plate of palm leaves stuffed. Village visit at Sigiriya
Lunch Plate of palm leaves stuffed






Return transport from a village visit at Sigiriya with tuk-tuk

The transport back was by tuk-tuk, a fairly common vehicle in Asia

tuk-tuk. Village visit at Sigiriya






Visit a woodcarving workshop

The day ended with a visit to a wood carving workshop where we were taught how to cut the different woods.

“Coincidentally” they also had a shop where you could buy some of these woodcarving works. But you do not have to buy anything. That’s why we only ended up buying some small elephants 🙂

Elephants for sale
Elephants for sale








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